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Hi, I’m Hashba Hamza

It’s Hashba here, a dreamer who went from doing “many little big things” to being the reason behind “the one big thing” of others, and writing a tale of my own in the process! A tale, that doesn’t begin, and probably might not end, but yet worth living!

Now that you’re here, let me take a guess!

You are a student exploring what next or feeling not in the right course right now?

Or you’re a working professional struggling to wake up energetic as you leave for work?

Or you’re a successful wizard (at least that’s what everybody says about you? Duh!) and still missing out on something?

Or you’re a homemaker with hopes lost, yet dreams intact?

Well, I got you, didn’t I? You ask me how?

Simple! I’ve been there!

Yes, all of them! And most importantly, got through!

As a kid, my dreams knew no bounds! (No, I mean it literally) Switching was all I did, for a moment I wanted to have magic in my hands to play a keyboard, and, in the next; I wanted to see my name running in the list of ‘Best-selling authors’! Like any one of you brought up in a typical Desi family, my scorecards were matched with the ‘Science’ group, even when my heart chanted everything politics and language!

Note, Mistake One!

Regretted, got over with it, and yet chose to go to an engineering college! Did I want it? Did I love it? Did I really enjoy it?

No! (Apart from everything non-engineering fun I had there)

Got the prefix! Civil Engineer! (Yet, didn’t relate a bit! ;))

Note, Mistake Two!

Life rolled! Tried all trades, you name it and I’ve done it!

Flash-forward a couple of years, to UAE, a place that broke me, and made me! My initial days went the same; wake up, apply for jobs, wait for calls, sleep, and repeat! Well, it’s the UAE, you know if you know! Prayers seemed to have been answered when I got my first call within a week, should I tell of me being on cloud nine?

Cracked it! Got it! Lost it! (Without me at fault)

Got another call!

Cracked it! Got it! Lost it! (Again, not my fault)

And the next call happened after months, I got to know the wait, the pressure, the downtrodden confidence, everything! Got into an established corporate buzz as a civil engineer, and No, this time, I didn’t lose it. (Wondering why is it such a dull turn, you’ll know!)

Ground me like a machine for months, mere waking up to work seems tedious. I knew this wasn’t keeping me happy, but I had a family to run and feed, and so, kept going. To where? Nobody knew, not even my heart! Work, earn, pay bills, and repeat!

Note, Mistake Three!

And one fine day with none at home, me and my cup of coffee, traveled all of it over again! (As DQ says, the life-changing moment)

I questioned myself, “why did all this happen, why?”

This question stayed with me for nights, trying to find an answer! And flash-forward today, I’ve got the answer!


Born the day I packed my bags from UAE to my hometown!

Gratefully, not a mistake anymore! The first milestone of many to come!

With one vision,

To guide more me-s and set their accelerated gears on the right path in career!

To not make another ‘me’ toil nights finding an answer.

To get it sorted from the beginning, for others!

To gift them a happy career, a happy mind….and well, a happy life.

That’s me, loving every bit of the odyssey! And that’s Hashtac! And as you’ve reached here, know you’re powerful and on the right path!



Hey! Your worries end here at Hashtac! With us, live the lives you dream of, and not dream the life away. Just pull the rope closer and watch you land among the stars!

Here’s all that we have!


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Career Assessment for College and Graduate Students

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Career Assessment for Professionals and Home Makers

Working on a corporate job or stuck at a workplace that doesn’t make your lips go wide the way they should? Struggling to wake up with endorphins high or curse your desk every day at work?

I feel you! How about changing a little perspective? Join me straight away!


I knew it! All that you need is a small spark to ignite a humungous fire. And here is it! Manifested from my heart, for those wanting to kickstart their career, you’re never late, you know that!

Get ready to keep your career plans on check.

Get. Set. Go.

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